Meet Our Team

Our team is here to help you plan your dream event in the Florida Keys, from start to finish. Get to know the team below:

Laurie Lupton, Conference Services Manager

Laurie’s Background: Over 10 years of Luxury Resort Experience focusing on Wedding Sales, Convention and Catering Services, and Event Planning. I look forward to providing your group with excellent service and seamless planning! I grew up in Central Illinois and traded cornfields and farmland for water views and warm weather!

Fun Fact: After years of wedding planning in the beautiful Florida Keys, I had my own amazing wedding in Key West in December 2017. I can truly say from experience – both professionally and personally – there is nothing as memorable as a wedding in the Florida Keys

Laurie’s Favorite Part Of Her Role: I love how creative and customizable weddings are, and how each one is so perfectly unique and special.  Out of the hundreds of weddings I have done, I can still remember the little details that made me smile during the planning process.  And, nothing is more rewarding than seeing the bride’s vision come together so flawlessly.


Kate Kachugina, Wedding Sales Manager

Kate’s Background: I have over 16 years of experience in the hospitality industry. I started my Wedding sales career after Hurricane Irma in 2017, and have since worked in several properties in the Florida Keys. I’m originally from Uzbekistan. I came to The Keys straight from home in 2013 for a one-year internship, fell in love with this paradise, and almost 7 years later I am still here!

Fun Fact: I love diving and enjoying the ocean.

Kate’s Favorite Part Of Her Role: I have personally witnessed hundreds of weddings in my career. Watching so many varied groups of friends and families coming together to celebrate never gets old. The joy is contagious!


Kim Thompson, Director of Group Sales

Kim’s Background: I have 30+ years of experience in hotel Sales & Catering roles for Independent properties & new builds. I have worked in the Florida Keys market since 2008. I am a native of North Florida.

Fun Fact: I once won the Florida Lottery (5 out of 6 numbers)!

Kim’s Favorite Part Of Her Role: I just love meeting new clients and guests, learning about their background, their organization, and sharing my passion for the Florida Keys lifestyle which is so rich with history and natural beauty, mixed with a dash of quirky!


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