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Sustainability at Isla Bella Beach Resort

At Isla Bella, we’re not just a destination; we’re stewards of the environment. Nestled amidst the breathtaking beauty of the Florida Keys, we’re committed to preserving the natural wonders that surround us.

Read more on what we’re doing to help combat change and preserve the waterways around the Florida Keys.

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Ocean Cleanups

We’ve partnered with the Conch Republic Marine Army in offering our guests the opportunity to book a spot on our brand new cleanup vessel and assist us in removing debris from our waters. And, did we say it’s complimentary for Isla Bella guests? Yes! It’s free to come along and help our environment!

Our team has also donated additional funding to Coast Love, an organization focused on restoring and protecting our coastal ecosystems and communities through action and education.

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Save our Key Deer

Isla Bella has partnered with Save Our Key Deer routinely to help the organization advocate on behalf of the Florida Key Deer population to ensure they receive ethical treatment and protection. We’ve donated funding to the program and also volunteered in numerous beach cleanups.


Working with Save-A-Turtle, the Isla Bella team routinely participates in seagrass planting as well as provides additional funding to the organization. Save-A-Turtle works to protect endangered and threatened sea turtle species in the Florida Keys through monitoring beaches, protecting nests, and providing community education.

Local Outreach

We care about our local community here in Marathon and the entire span of the Florida Keys, so we’ve been thrilled to make donations to Marathon High School, Switlik School, Wesley House and Big Pine Academy, to name a few. We’ve also donated to help the Key West High School band travel to London!

Bee Keeping

Isla Bella is embarking on a new adventure this year…beekeeping! While the hives will be tucked away from guests (for their protection and yours!), the benefits of keeping beehives on property are extensive.

They not only provide fresh honey (think: breakfasts at Mahina), but bees also help our environment through pollination, keep other flying insects at bay, and are a great educational tool to teach the next generation of environmental stewards just how valuable they truly are in this world.

Check back soon for more information on this new initiative!

Seaweed Composting

At Isla Bella Beach Resort, we cherish our pristine sandy beachfront and are committed to maintaining its cleanliness year-round. Guaranteeing a picturesque sanctuary, we diligently rake our beach to keep it seaweed-free. Still, our eco-conscious approach extends beyond mere tidiness as we repurpose the collected seaweed to enrich our lush green spaces and enhance the natural beauty of our surroundings.

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