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Class Schedule & Details

Bodyweight Bootcamp (Mon, Wed, Fri – AM)
Christina’s all-level bodyweight bootcamp is a unique, dynamic, and fun way to train your body without any equipment, except your own body!  She will lead you through a mobility warmup activation before blending lower impact bodyweight strength training exercises with higher impact metabolic interval training, all with an emphasis on core work. Total class time is 50 mins with a brief cool down stretch to leave you feel confident and energized.

Total Body Strength (Tues, Thurs, Sat, Sun – AM)
Christina’s all-level class is a highly effective, circuit-based strength training class with equipment (dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls).  She will blend functional and compound training movements with metabolic interval training to challenge you and maximize calorie burn and lean muscle mass.  Total class time is 50 mins with a mobility warmup activation and brief cool-down stretch.

Mobility Stretch (Sat PM)
After a challenging workout or even just a relaxing day at the pool, Christina will lead you through a 45 min mobility stretch class to renew your energy.  Mobility has tons of benefits such as improving range of motion and posture while decreasing muscle tension, reducing risk of injury, boosting blood circulation and recovering faster in between workouts. No flexibility needed and mats are provided.


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